Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ice cream Adventure

Its the ice cream event of the year! Ice cream Adventure is happening this Saturday 16th August with KERB at Granary Square, Kings Cross. 11am-6pm.
Get ready to gorge! There will be 12 traders offering all sorts of weird and wonderful icy concoctions from ice cream cookies to ice cream doughnuts.
Look out for us and come and sample some of our finest ices and sundaes!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Street Feast returns

The mighty Street Feast returns to Dalston Yard! Sorbitium will be residents there for the full 20 weeks. Come and cool down with us.. Rumour has it we' re set for a scorcher this summer!
Every Friday and Saturday from 5pm. HARTWELL STREET, E8  3DU




Sunday, 26 January 2014

2013'S Best Bits

As we emerge from hibernation and fluff our feathers in preparation for another epic year here are some of 2013's best bits. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us.


Dear old Marjory plodded slowly but surely down the motorway to her first real festival. As the mercury hit 32 degrees that weekend there was one stand out refreshment the good folk of Blissfields could not resist..

Mint, Lemon and elderflower sorbet


As the battle commenced Sorbitium was there to comfort and soothe with Mexican inspired ices including Tamarind and tequila granita, Dark chocolate and mezcal soaked raisin, Avocado and candied lime and THAT pie- Roast banana and cajeta caramel. Hats off to Luardos who won with his beer battered prawn, outrageously delicious taco.


Yet another day of raucous competitiveness organised by Tweat Up. Whilst 10 bars fought to concoct the best gin cocktail, Sorbitium served up scoops of gin botanical ice cream to the jolly revellers.


                                          Fancy a burger-flavoured ice cream?

When Sorbitium was asked to create a burger themed ice cream for Mr Hydes National Burger Day we never could have imagined the attention it would receive. It hit the news worldwide including write ups in The Sun, Daily Mail and The India Times.


One of our best sellers to date; BBQ burger ice cream with candied bacon and dill gherkin ripple complete with all the garnishes. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

'Ingredientes favorito' - Cupuacu

Excuse our lack of contact of late. Despite the schizophrenic weather the season has got off to a splendid start leaving us barely a moment to write home!

If there's one ingredient we cannot live without at the moment its the weird and wonderful Brazilian super fruit Cupuacu.

A true taste of nostalgia for our Peds, this rather incredible fruit is like no other and almost impossible to describe. It grows predominantly in the Amazon basin and is related to the cacao. Notes of chocolate, pineapple and lychee, I was absolutely blown away by how well cupucau converts into an ice cream.

Look- It even looks like an ice cream!

Ice cream fans just cant get enough of this delightful flavour and often ask..'Is there any booze in there?' As much as we love to throw a swig of grog into most of our ice creams this one comes naturally flavoured. Look out for cupuacu on our menus and Basilico Pizza who are stocking this flavour amongst others for the summer.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Sundance London Film and Music Festival 2013

This is a really exciting one..Sorbitium Ices has been invited to trade at the Sundance London Music and Film festival. We'll be there alongside 19 other fantastic Kerb street food traders scooping out hearts out for 4 whole days- Thursday 25 til Sunday 28th April. British Sea Power, Peaches and Robert Redford... whats not to love?? Get your Tix here-

  • Ice creams: Ginger and pink rhubarb ripple, Fresh toasted coconut macaroon, Sea salted caramel, Hazelnut praline stracciatella, Brown butter and toffee apple, Dark chocolate sorbet
  • Choc Ices: Bronte pistachio and matcha tea, Cachaca rum n raisin, Orange blossom nougat
  • Hard Shake: Baked banana, butterscotch and Bourbon

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sorbitium Choc Ices

Introducing Sorbitium choc ices.
These babies have kept us nice and busy in the Sorbitium kitchen thats for sure!
Find them on the menu at the brilliant Rotary Bar & Diner and look out for them when we start prowling the streets again very soon..

This weeks flavours include Blood orange, Pink Yorkshire rhubarb, Hazelnut praline, Sour cherry vanilla and Salt caramel Bourbon crunch

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear friends! Great news! Our favourite wood fired pizza delivery company 'Basilico' is now stocking our ice cream. These guys make delicious wood fired thin crust pizzas with amazing toppings such as fior di latte mozzarella and Speck smoked ham. Check them out 

You can now enjoy the finest Basilico wood fired pizzas with our delicious handmade ice cream and sorbet all over London, delivered right to your door. We will be supplying 4 tantalising flavours per season. This seasons winter flavours are: 

  • Sea Salted Caramel; Deep, amber caramel ice cream flecked with soft, crunchy Maldon sea salt flakes
  • Coffee and chocolate stracciatella: Dark, aromatic coffee ice cream made from fresh espresso beans, drizzled with Valrhona dark chocolate
  • Bramley apple crumble: Velvety, creamy vanilla ice cream rippled with fresh Bramley apples and crisp crumble topping
  • Pear sorbet: Refreshing, dairy free sorbet made from fresh, slightly tart William pears with a hint of seasonal spice