Sunday, 16 June 2013

'Ingredientes favorito' - Cupuacu

Excuse our lack of contact of late. Despite the schizophrenic weather the season has got off to a splendid start leaving us barely a moment to write home!

If there's one ingredient we cannot live without at the moment its the weird and wonderful Brazilian super fruit Cupuacu.

A true taste of nostalgia for our Peds, this rather incredible fruit is like no other and almost impossible to describe. It grows predominantly in the Amazon basin and is related to the cacao. Notes of chocolate, pineapple and lychee, I was absolutely blown away by how well cupucau converts into an ice cream.

Look- It even looks like an ice cream!

Ice cream fans just cant get enough of this delightful flavour and often ask..'Is there any booze in there?' As much as we love to throw a swig of grog into most of our ice creams this one comes naturally flavoured. Look out for cupuacu on our menus and Basilico Pizza who are stocking this flavour amongst others for the summer.