Our gorgeous 1976 Citroen HY van ‘Marjory’ and our traditional ice cream carts are available to hire for all kinds of events and parties including weddings, children's parties and promotional work. We will arrive at your event full to the brim with our delicious ice creams and sorbets of your choice. Please contact us for all enquiries

We offer a bespoke service for all your ice cream needs. Whether it be good old fashioned vanilla bean or red hot chilli we will make it fresh and have it delivered to you. (within London min order applies)
Why not pre-order your 500ml tubs and collect at your nearest market (no min order applies).
We have a wholesale min free delivery of 10 litres delivered in 4 litre containers.

For all orders including restaurant and wholesale please call Suzanna and Pedro on 07989977346 or email



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    1. Hello Beverly Hills! Thanks for your kind comments.. be great to meet you oneday.. come try some ice cream!

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  3. I love your ice cream - discovered you at KX. Please could you give us the option to buy direct as well as via your stockists?

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