'Legend has it that the origins of ice cream can be traced to the Roman Empire with the reign of Emperor Nero. Nero ordered his slaves to collect snow from the mountains which was stored in underground ice caves and later chopped and mixed with honey, fruit and spices. This iced concoction became known as 'Sorbitium' which was hailed a true gourmet delicacy amongst the Romans, infact Julius Cesar was crazy for this ancient ice cream 'Sorbitium.'

'Millenia later, 'Pedro' a boy from Brazil and 'Zan' a girl from Richmond met in a walk in fridge whilst both working at Petersham Nurseries. Love flourished, only to discover they both shared an insatiable passion for ice cream. Disappointed by the overly sweet, artificial whippy stuff, they decided it was time to make some delicious ice cream for London.' Sorbitium Ices was born.

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